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Why You Should Be Making Employee Testimonial Videos

By now, you know how we feel at VidOps about testimonial videos — they are extremely effective marketing techniques because they...

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5 Videos for B2B Marketers (With Examples)

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How and Why to Incorporate Videos Into Your Marketing Strategy

Video is becoming a crucial component of content marketing. It already makes up a huge percentage of content consumed by...

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Why Case Study Videos Increase Sales

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The Surprising Benefits of Case Study Videos

Case Study videos are some of the most popular video formats being produced in 2021. But have you considered why?

Case studies...

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What is Video SEO?

Video content is the key to stand-out brand communications. Video can cut through the noise and illustrate your brand ethos,...

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Should Our Business Produce Video In-House or Externally?

2021 has seen a huge boom in video content for businesses.

Many companies that weren’t embracing the trend a few years ago,...

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Subly: A Case Study

VidOps Client Subly raises $1m in Seed Rounds

Subly proves that accessibility and global outreach don’t need to be...

Read More A Case Study raises £3m with help from a £3k video from VidOps.

The new startup aims to target the inequality of excessive fees...

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