Why You Should Be Making Employee Testimonial Videos

By now, you know how we feel at VidOps about testimonial videos — they are extremely effective marketing techniques because they show your audience an unbiased, third-party perspective of your products or services. As humans, we are naturally curious about the opinions of other people, and we tend to turn to our peers for advice when we are faced with a decision. This is the role that a good testimonial video fills. In fact, according to HubSpot, 96% of consumers in the past year have watched a video to learn more about a product before making a purchase.

But these kinds of videos aren’t only useful for attracting new leads. Testimonials and case studies can be valuable tools for recruitment as well as employee retention. 


Enter the Employee Testimonial Video



Employee testimonial videos function according to the same principles as any testimonial: they showcase the experiences of satisfied individuals. In this case, however, the positive experiences are regarding their relationship with their employer and their position in the company. 


These videos are great for conveying incentivizing information to prospective job candidates. They might address questions such as:


What are the benefits of working for the company?

What are the company values? 

What is the company culture like?


However, unlike other kinds of informational videos like explainer videos, testimonials have additional credibility because they feature the experiences of real-life employees. According to the Academy to Innovate HR, job seekers trust current employees 3 times more than the company in terms of what it’s like to work there. 


Are they worth it?



It is common for companies to assume that attracting employees should be a lower priority than attracting clients. However, we are currently in a period following the great return to work from remote work, and according to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, as much as 40% of the workforce was considering quitting their job as of 2021. And with remote positions being so common, employers will need to create competitive job prospects if they are hoping to attract talent.


With their rock-solid credibility with prospective candidates, employee testimonials are a fantastic way to do this. By relying on our natural curiosity about the opinions of other people, testimonials are a great tool to attract and retain employees in an increasingly competitive market. 


Interested in creating your own employee testimonial video but not sure where to begin? Book your free consultation with us at the link below to get started today. 


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Olivia McQuarrie

Olivia McQuarrie

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