Why Case Study Videos Increase Sales



The power of case studies are unmatched in the sales and marketing industry and video case studies take this to the next level.


Don't believe us? Here at VidOps, we create and produce high-quality case study videos.


Let’s dissect the real reasons and statistics why these videos will increase sales: 


The Customer Is Always Right

To begin with, let’s look at written case studies. Potential customers want the truth about a product, brand or service. While superficial reports won't sway the average customer. Case studies go into depth by providing genuine reviews and candid details about the company.  With a case study, you can deep dive into the brand and provide ample facts for your audience. 


You can build customers' trust by highlighting previous consumers or the faces behind the company. With enough credibility, your business will boom. Consumers will be more inclined to connect with your business, which will boost sales. The more information you put out in your case study, the more likely people will purchase your product or service. 


Jeffery Gitomer writes in The Little Red Book of Selling

“When you say it about yourself, it's bragging. When someone else says it about you, it’s proof.” 


So what’s the advantage of a video case study over a written one?

Watching Video Content Is More Effective Than Reading Text 


According to wyzowl, 94% of us (marketers) say video has helped them increase understanding of a product or service.


Grabbing and keeping consumers attention is an important factor in the sales and marketing industry. By watching a video, consumers are more likely to retain the information rather than skimming through a ton of text. 


Written case studies can provide the information and testimonies that give your company publicity; however, they don’t have the same effect that a video will have. If you're reading this then thank you for reading my beautiful bit of copywriting, but sadly the truth is most people don't or scroll to the bottom to watch the video first and then decide it's worth their time to read the full article.


90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. 

By creating video content for your company, you stay relevant in the digital world. 


A case study video is a win-win! They provide an in-depth understanding of a business while grabbing and retaining consumer's attention. Case study videos will allow prospective customers to see your product or service in action, creating credibility and authenticity for your company. 


Video content communicates with customers in a way that text does not. It is the best way to produce brand awareness, gain new leads, and increase sales. Using our global platform, VidOps can help you create video content wherever you or your clients may be! 


Check out this blog post that gives more details on the benefits of video content: 5 Lifechanging Video Content Benefits for Marketers  


The Options Are Limitless 


The video marketing project you plan to create is unique to you and your business. The options you have for your digital narrative are endless. You may choose to incorporate testimonials from customers, highlight the names behind the brand, or provide benefits with data. All of these are examples of some great tools to keep in mind when creating the case study. 


The uniqueness of your case study video will increase consumer interest and awareness.


According to Daniel Kirk, the uniqueness of your brand and its marketing will allow you to stand out from competitors, create better content, and be more memorable to consumers. 


Each case study video that VidOps creates is special and distinctive. Our video content is produced to match your brand and its employees. Good news: We have creatives located around the globe! All of our creatives are equipped with significant video production skills and are ready to provide your ideal media. 


See how diverse our content is by checking out some of our latest media: Latest Work 



Case study videos are one of the best ways to increase sales! By gaining customer trust, creating a unique digital story, and helping consumers retain information, case studies will not disappoint in your marketing and sales process.


If you are looking to create a case study video, VidOps is just what you’re looking for! We have specialized in case study videos over the years, shooting and editing testimonials for brands such as Dojo, Harri, and Kia.


With our global reach of talented creatives, we can accomplish your growth goals with the voice of your clients no matter where they are.


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Grace Kindrachuk

Grace Kindrachuk

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