The Surprising Benefits of Case Study Videos

Case Study videos are some of the most popular video formats being produced in 2021. But have you considered why?


Case studies can offer huge value to businesses, especially if it’s one of your first. They will work harder than a lot of other video formats and can provide huge dividends to those willing to invest.

At VidOps we love case studies. Making them, watching them, even participating in them. As such, we know a lot about them. So we’ve decided to break down the mystery of their success and illustrate exactly why they’re worth every penny of your investment.

Trust and Authenticity



Authenticity is one of the first markers of a successful brand. 


In fact, 86% of people say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they trust and support. 


This means that showcasing the faces behind the brand, the work culture, and the sales process is crucial. Don’t shy away from spotlighting the personalities in your team, your customers want to see them!


Case study videos make this process simple by offering a genuine inside look at the way your company works. Weaving your brand personality into the narrative of the video helps you stand out from the crowd, and gives consumers a real-world view of what they can expect.


Contextualise Your Product or Service



Have you ever been on the lookout for a certain product, found what could be a solution, but just aren’t sure? Erase that doubt using case study videos! 


Contextualising your product or service is integral for capturing new customers. Through a case study, you can not only showcase your product or service in the real world but also have a previous customer speak about their experience with it.


This will establish your product or service in potential customers’ minds – and show how to implement it into their lives. 



When making purchase considerations, a whopping 73% of B2B buyers seek out case studies before making a purchase. That’s a huge market segment you could be missing out on if you don’t show the benefits of your product or service.


A case study can illustrate the effectiveness of your products or services in their best light. Allowing real-life customers to speak on their experiences gives credibility and a customer-focused insight that can be hard to find elsewhere.


Brand Narrative

Taking control of your own narrative is an important step for any business. By establishing your business tone of voice, and the visual approach, you are creating a language that will communicate directly to your audience. 


Brand narrative can be a powerful tool to demonstrate the ‘vibe’ of your business, and show potential customers who they are working with. This can do wonders for your brand awareness, and indicate the excellent service and quality of your work to customers, before any interaction.





One of the greatest benefits of a case study video is its versatility. By working with an experienced video production company like VidOps – the same video can be used across different platforms and for a range of different purposes.


For example, the same case study video can be highlighted on your landing page, sent to your subscribers in an email, and shared across social media.


If you're interested in taking your Case Study videos to the next level – why not book a free consultation call, and see what VidOps can do for your business.


Colette Eaton

Colette Eaton

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