Animation : Why should I make an animated video?

We know that in business, the best way to increase sales, customer visibility and audience engagement is through creating original, catchy and entertaining content as part of a marketing strategy. And to be relevant and unique it’s important to create content that allows your brand to shine – original videos can increase conversion up to 144% according to Hubspot’s 2020 marketing statistics. But why animation in marketing? What’s so great about video animation services and why are brands using this medium for brand storytelling and content creation ? and why are so many brands jumping on the bandwagon?

GET A FREE CONSULTATION Animation helps your brand to make a memorable impression

Animation is fun, and you can work with your content creation company to create your brand’s own style and let your personality shine through. It’s advertising in its most creative form. Animation can create lasting impressions to current customers and potential new customers – you’re far more likely to be remembered by a unique animation if you created a animation to showcase your new product, used an animation for an explainer video or even created an animation for advertising your business to the masses. 

Animation keeps your viewers attention

Animation is less commonly used as a marketing tool, and most viewers are used to animations on the big screen – this makes it more conducive to brand storytelling and keeping your viewers attention. Plus, the brands that do use animation are doing pretty well at keeping their viewers coming back for more (think John Lewis christmas ad, we love it!) Internet users have short attention spans and will only spend tiny fragments of time on articles or written content – and about 70% of viewers want to watch videos to learn about the products they want to buy or brand they want to invest in. Animation evokes an emotional response from your viewers that will resonate and keep them coming back for more. It sparks conversations and makes your audience want to follow the story of your brand – and they’re pretty impressive to look at too. 

Animation Simplifies Complex Topics

Animation can convey important messages about your business in an easy to digest, convincing and simple way. Animated video can bring concepts to life that text or even live videos can’t. You can do anything you want to with animations – your characters can fly, chat, swim, and look whichever way you want them to. You can use animations to describe simple or complex concepts, from mobile banking to ordering a takeaway. 

Animation Is Pretty Cheap to Produce

Animation is often thought to be expensive for businesses with lower budgets, but with animation services and packages at VidOps starting from £350, it’s much more affordable than most marketing people think. 


At VidOps, we’re on a mission to streamline video marketing workflows whilst maintaining quality – we can help you in creative pre-production, by creating scripts and storyboards, we will organise the right creatives to be part of your project and we’ll manage final edits and delivery of your visual content.  We’ve produced animations for really awesome brands, just check out our website to see some of the finished products we’re proud of.  Get in touch about using our video animation services today to tell your story.

Mia Allen

Mia Allen

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