The Consumer Decision-Making Process: Is There a Way to Influence It?

With so much easily accessible information and overexposure to advertising stimuli, how do consumers determine their purchasing decisions today?

The complex process, known as the Consumer Decision-making Process (CDMP), is a series of stages that define customer purchasing decisions. In 1910, John Dewey presented his five-stage decision process, which described the following stages:


1) Problem recognition

2) Information search

3) Alternative evaluation

4) Choice 

5) Outcome


This model has been widely accepted and has served as the basis for further research on consumer behaviour. In particular, the fact that social environment plays a key role in the CDMP has been consistently supported by later research about consumer behaviour.

For instance, the Engel Blackwell Miniard Model (1995) identified specific variables that were influential in the CDMP. This model contained environmental influences such as culture, social class, family, personal influences and situational and individual differences. 

As a matter of fact, as consumers, we are used to asking for references in our social circle about possible purchase decisions. Personal recommendations from trusted sources give us a greater sense of security and confidence in our choices. This process is known as Word of Mouth (WOM) and is a powerful marketing strategy. (Related article: The Secret Power of Customer Reviews).

Today, the internet and specifically social media have turned the world into a village, and our formerly limited circle of influence has grown exponentially. We can therefore be influenced by the opinions of not only family and friends but also by online testimonials of consumers around the world. This has opened up new opportunities for businesses to display not only their products and services but also their satisfied clients who act as brand ambassadors.

Video testimonials act as valuable resources to provide trustworthy information to potential buyers and help move them along through the stages of the decision-making process. This is why investing in high-quality video production can help you connect with an audience of potential buyers looking for alternatives to meet their needs.

At VidOps, we specialise in producing outstanding professional testimonials and case study videos for businesses of any size to help them increase their brand awareness and reliability.


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Veronica Buendia

Veronica Buendia

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