Meet Our Creatives: Joe Lee

Part of what makes VidOps special is our wide-reaching network of talented and experienced creatives. When we take on your project, we reach out to those who we know will deliver and go the extra mile. 

Our remote platform means we match global customers with a local team, shortening production planning and ensuring the perfect fit.


We wanted to showcase some of our superstar creatives because, without them, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

This week: Joe Lee

Joe moved into videography after a successful career in software development. Now an award-winning filmmaker, producer, and videographer, he combines his curiosity for new technologies with his natural flair for storytelling.

Propelled by a love of new technologies and exploring visual mediums, he's never afraid to push the envelope, creating exciting work that appeals to clients and audiences alike.

A fan of short-form documentaries, Joe often works with experimental techniques to showcase fascinating narratives and diverse ideas. This creative approach has led to a specialty in short films, live events, and, more recently, stunning 360 videos for companies including Giguana and London Documentary Network.

When he's not filming and editing, Joe is a visiting lecturer at the prestigious Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, focusing on innovative portfolio presentations that platforms emerging fashion talent.

Continually developing his craft, Joe is an amazing asset to our team. His commitment to each project, imagination, and positivity on-set make him a joy to work with, and our clients are thrilled with his results!

You can see some of his selected video highlights here:

  1. Subly
  2. Dalston Curve Garden Documentary 
  3. Doc Grandma Explainer Video
  4. Last Seen Alive Live Stream
  5. Global Citizen Prize

You can see more from Joe on his official website and his Instagram.


Colette Eaton

Colette Eaton

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