Meet Our Creatives: Hugo Horvath

Part of what makes VidOps special is our wide-reaching network of talented and experienced creatives. When we take on your project, we reach out to those who we know will deliver and go the extra mile. 


Our remote platform means we match global customers with a local team, shortening production planning and ensuring the perfect fit.


We wanted to showcase some of our superstar creatives because, without them, we wouldn’t be who we are today.


First up: Camera Op and Editor Extraordinaire Hugo Horvath. LET'S GET STARTED


Hugo is a highly skilled and multi-talented film pro, with the versatility and technical skills to span editing, camera operations, post-production, and design.

Developing his love of film alongside his passion for music, he began his career shooting run and gun footage for club promoters in Nottingham whilst studying for his degree. 

15 years later, Hugo's career has propelled him around the world and shown him to be the all-rounder that every team needs. Behind the camera, delivering a slick edit or designing wildly creative animations - there is no challenge Hugo won't rise to.

Having worked in a wide range of environments including the music and fashion industries, as well as high-level corporate and SME business, he has the ability to adapt to ever-changing client needs, tight deadlines, or short turn-arounds with ease. 

Hugo always provides the same level of expertise, quality, and assurance to each job; whether that’s in a green screen or TV studio, or bouncing around in a speed boat in the seas of Croatia! He is continually evolving his own voice and identity as a creative and always brings ambition, curiosity, and commitment to any project we throw at him. 

We’re incredibly lucky to work with Hugo, and our clients are thrilled with what he delivers!

Check out some of his video highlights below:


1. The Voice of Silence by Aaran Parker


2. Timelapse of Canary Wharf 


3.VidOps / Paymentsense BFI Animation


4.Instagram promo for Vinyl Fanatiks 


5. Showreel 


You can see more from Hugo on his advertising website and his Instagram.

And don't forget! You might get to work alongside him on a production if you get in touch with VidOps.



Colette Eaton

Colette Eaton

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