Creativity: A Global Marketing Trend in 2023

The capacity to come up with new ideas, look at things from another perspective and provide clever solutions is known as creativity. This skill is highly valued in all industries, especially when proposing strategies to improve a company’s performance.


Being creative or thinking outside the box can be a risky move in today’s business environment but it can also lead to great accomplishments. According to Deloitte’s 2023 Global Marketing Trends report, creativity is a driver for business growth. In that sense, collaborating with a team where creativity is promoted could be a source of new opportunities for improvement and continuous growth.


In an enterprise's daily routine, chief marketing officers can find working with creators challenging as it requires balance between delegating tasks and providing freedom in the creation process. The Deloitte’s report provides suggestions for businesses to work with creators: 

  1. Allow for creative freedom: 

    Providing freedom to creatives allows companies to obtain results that they would not have otherwise achieved. Considering that content creators are capable of engaging with targets and transmitting the desired message from another approach, the results may end up being more authentic and effective.

  2. Build a partnership based on relevance

    The optimal outcome is for creators and companies to find it beneficial to collaborate in a partnership. Strong content is capable of exceeding brands' expectations and boosting growth for content creators.


    Align on expectations

    In these kinds of partnerships, it is necessary to be clear about the expectations of the desired product. To ensure that the content is meeting expectations, it is important to set reasonable expectations and objectively evaluate work results.

Within this context, a study conducted by NogenTech noted that 91% of companies use videos in their content mix. This fact only reaffirms the relevance that videos have acquired in the content strategy of businesses.


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Veronica Buendia

Veronica Buendia

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