5 Reasons Why The Answer Is Always Video

In business, it is a known fact that great marketing leads to an even greater amount of sales and in this day and age, that statement has never been more true. But what is marketing in these times?  These days marketing doesn’t rely on billboards or magazine articles, it relies on the one place that connects humans from all over the world, social media. People are more connected than ever, sharing millions of videos and photos everyday. Diode Digital estimated that video is estimated to be almost 600% more effective than that of direct mail and print marketing … Now that's what I call assurance! But just in case that’s not enough for you, I’ve conducted research and made these 5 points to sway you slightly further.


1. It’s Personal

Promotional videos, like movies, gives you the chance to connect with characters. When watching a video, you get to see characters expressing themselves through facial expressions, body language and the tone of their voice. This is great for the company as it allows the customer to develop trust and a relationship with the brand.


2. It’s Easy

Reading a blog…that's long and sometimes boring but watching a video, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. Videos satisfy your senses in a way that words on a page can never live up to. If a company is aiming to release any content about a product or service, they will gain more of an audience through their video marketing as opposed to blogging. This is not just because a video format is necessarily easier to deal with, but it also has multiple platforms that more people use every day.


3. Communication

Most companies use videos because they are known to be the most engaging and memorable form of marketing. Videos are a great format for conveying a company's ethos and personality. Videos are almost essential for translating marketing into sales, especially in these rough times where the pandemic has prevented people from meeting face to face, videos are one of the closest forms of human interaction.


4. Educate and Entertain 

For the past four years, we have seen multiple product videos go viral on social media, which would be great for any company. One of the key benefits of video marketing is that you get the chance to entertain as well as educate your customers. Introducing the entertainment factor into your videos gives you the chance to create an almost instant attraction between the product and your customer after they watch the video as they will associate your business with positivity. 


5. Demo Videos

According to InternetRetailer, 85% of consumers will purchase a product after watching a video on that product. Demo videos tend to show the consumer how the product works, the instant reaction of the person in the demo and their opinions upon using the product and taking you through the steps of using it. This process will be a struggle to emulate through pictures and descriptions.

As you can see, these five points prove to us that video marketing is the way forward.  It has outshone every other format and has elevated many products and businesses across the globe. At VidOps, we can make all five of those points come true in just 48 hours … and I’m not exaggerating. We’re fast and have a passion for growing your business through video marketing. So why don’t you give us a try?



Renato Barone

Renato Barone

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